Project Description

A 3D Virtual Tour for the Ministry of Culture stand at Thessaloniki International Fair!

One of the applications that attracted visitors to the stand of the Ministry of Culture at the Thessaloniki International Fair was the 3D virtual tour.

It is an interactive, immersive experience for visitors who can explore the entire pavilion area in a very easy and enjoyable way.

The virtual tour was created by 360 Points of View and is based on real data from the 3D scanning of the space and objects that were at the pavilion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

The stand at the pavilion takes visitors on a journey through time, presenting works from various museums of the country, exploring important works hosted in selected museums, showcasing pieces of Greeces cultural heritage in general.

A well-designed virtual tour is a great way to convey the philosophy and mentality of an organization and to showcase the products or services of a company. It can also be used at trade fairs and presentations to give the audience more information about the structure and function of your organisation. Its an interactive experience that gives online visitors an inside look at the companys culture and showcases its personality, which can be translated into customer loyalty.

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