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“Get a Taste of International Curatorial Expertise at Art Athina 2022 with Kate Caruso’s Picks”

360 Point of View | Our team’s successful completion of the Virtual Tour for Art Athina 2022, held at Zappeion Megaro in Athens, was a testament to our dedication and creativity. We seamlessly captured the essence of the art exhibition, providing a captivating online experience for art enthusiasts worldwide. The project’s success reinforced our expertise in delivering immersive digital solutions for cultural events.

Introduction to Art Athina 2022

Art Athina is one of the most prestigious contemporary art fairs in Greece, taking place annually in Athens. Since its inception in 1993, Art Athina has established itself as a leading platform for showcasing contemporary Greek and international art. Each year, Art Athina brings together a dynamic selection of art galleries, artists, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts from around the world.

One of the highlights of Art Athina is the diversity of art spaces and galleries that participate. The Main category features leading art spaces from Greece, providing visitors a comprehensive overview of the country’s contemporary art scene. In addition, the Highlights category includes notable galleries from abroad, giving international exposure to Art Athina’s programming.

Beyond the gallery presentations, Art Athina also invites special curated sections and projects. This allows for more focused, in-depth explorations of particular artists, themes or mediums. In this way, Art Athina provides opportunities to discover both new talents and appreciate established names through fresh perspectives.

Art Athina 2022
ART ATHINA 2022 Dollhouse

The Main Category

The Main category at Art Athina 2022 showcased 81 art spaces from across Greece. This section represents the core of Greece’s contemporary art scene, featuring many of the country’s leading galleries and project spaces. From emerging artist-run spaces to established institutions, the Main category provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary Greek art today.

Some of the notable Greek galleries participating this year included Kalfayan Galleries, Ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou, The Breeder, AD Gallery,, and Zina Athanassiadou Gallery. These spaces spotlighted solo presentations of influential Greek artists like Jannis Varelas, Costas Tsoclis, and Chryssa, alongside up-and-coming talents and rising stars.

In addition to galleries from Athens, Art Athina’s Main section also featured spaces from other cities across Greece. Thessaloniki was represented by galleries like Cube Art Editions and Lo and Behold. From Crete, Thkio Ppalies had a striking booth, while Sariza Gallery brought work from Naxos to the fair. This geographical range demonstrates the breadth of Greece’s contemporary art scene.

Highlights Category and Participation of Galleries from Various Countries

Complementing the Main section at Art Athina, the Highlights category showcases international galleries from around the world. This provides opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue between Greek artists and the global scene.

The 2022 edition of Art Athina included Highlights participants from countries like Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Notable international galleries showing this year included Dürst Britt & Mayhew from the Hague, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi from Berlin, and Blain|Southern from London.

These galleries brought work by acclaimed international artists to Art Athina. Dürst Britt & Mayhew presented paintings by Dutch-American artist Jacqueline de Jong, known for her association with the revolutionary 1960s art movement CoBrA. Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi showed works by American sculptor Carol Bove and Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi. And Blain|Southern featured pieces by British Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson.

The Highlights section allows visitors to discover leading contemporary art from around the world, all within the context of Art Athina’s dynamic programming. This international scope is key to establishing Art Athina’s reputation as a globally-engaged fair.

The Feature Category

Introduction of Kate Caruso as the Invited Curator

One of the highlights at Art Athina 2022 was the Feature section curated by Kate Caruso. As an independent curator, Kate Caruso was invited to select ten art spaces that represent the cutting edge of the international art scene.

Originally from New York, Kate Caruso is a curator and writer who has worked extensively across the US and Europe. She served as curator for the 2019 Whitney Biennial in New York and has organized exhibitions for institutions like the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Known for her innovative approach, Kate Caruso’s curatorial perspective brings fresh insights to Art Athina.

As Art Athina’s invited Feature curator, Kate Caruso’s selections reflect current trends and new developments in contemporary art internationally. Her discerning eye and global network introduce Art Athina visitors to emerging talents and alternative spaces to discover.

Description of the 10 Art Spaces Chosen by Kate Caruso

For the Feature section at Art Athina 2022, Kate Caruso selected ten dynamic art spaces working on an international level. Her picks represented forward-thinking galleries and project spaces from Europe and the United States.

Some of Kate Caruso’s Feature selections included:

  • Mother’s Tankstation Limited (Dublin/London) – Focused on introducing Irish artists to global audiences.
  • JTT (New York) – Represents conceptual, minimal, and post-minimal artists.
  • Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala City) – Promotes experimental Latin American art.
  • Croy Nielsen (Vienna) – Exhibits emerging and underrepresented artists.

Additional spaces handpicked by Kate Caruso were Antenna Space from Shanghai, Blank Projects from Cape Town, Exo Exo from Paris, and LambdaLambdaLambda from Pristina. Her selections highlighted both new voices and influential players on the international art scene.

Through her Feature picks, Kate Caruso shared her global perspective and introduced Art Athina visitors to the dynamic energy of spaces on the international art scene’s cutting edge.

The Pavilions Category

Explanation of the New Addition to Art Athina

An exciting new category at Art Athina 2022 was the Pavilions section, which featured architectural installations and constructions. Situated throughout the exterior grounds of the Zappeion, the Pavilions allowed visitors to engage with architecture and design within the context of the art fair.

The Pavilions category was conceived as a way to expand Art Athina’s interdisciplinary scope beyond just visual art. By incorporating architecture and design, the fair provides additional opportunities to consider spatial, environmental and social dynamics through an artistic lens.

Many of the Pavilions were designed for visitors to enter and experience. Ranging from minimalist structures to more ornate forms, they created alternative spaces for contemplation, interaction and discovery. As a new initiative, the Pavilions section represents Art Athina’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new terrain.

Presentation of Architectural Constructions at the Zappeion

The installations presented in the Pavilions section transformed the outdoor landscape of the Zappeion at Art Athina. Visitors encountered a range of architectural constructions and spaces for engagement.

One standout Pavilion was designed by LOT Office for Architecture, an Athens-based practice led by architects Giorgos Mitroulias and Pirro Vaso. Their structure, titled “Folded Space,” folded aluminum sheets into an abstract sculptural form. The reflective surfaces interacted with sunlight and views of the Acropolis in the distance.

Another memorable Pavilion came from the studio Point Supreme Architects, founded by architects Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou. Their project, “Plait #1,” formed an intricate latticework shelter out of timber. Visitors could walk through the interwoven composition and experience shifting views and shadows.

In addition to these architectural practices, the Pavilions section featured experimental constructions by Greek designers like Katerina Kamprani and studios such as Divercity Architects. The diversity of projects and forms created a mini-village that activated Art Athina’s outdoor landscape. From inside the fair, visitors got glimpses of the Pavilions, enticing them to go explore the architecture.

Through the novel Pavilions category, Art Athina provided opportunities to engage with forward-thinking architecture and design. These projects added an interdisciplinary dimension that enriched the experience of the art fair.

Hosting of LOT Office for Architecture and Point Supreme!

Two Greek architectural firms who contributed standout Pavilions were LOT Office for Architecture and Point Supreme Architects. Both Athens-based practices created immersive installations that encouraged visitor interaction.

LOT Office for Architecture was founded by Giorgos Mitroulias and Pirro Vaso in 2016. Their studio pursues conceptual and experimental approaches to architectural design and urban interventions. At Art Athina, they presented “Folded Space” – an abstract aluminum structure that played with light, shadow and the fair’s unique setting.

Point Supreme Architects was established by architects Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou. Their work focuses on designing spaces informed by context, often incorporating natural materials. For their “Plait #1” Pavilion, Point Supreme created a timber lattice shelter with an intricate, woven texture.

By inviting these two firms to contribute Pavilions, Art Athina showcased some of Greece’s most innovative up-and-coming architectural talent. Their visually striking installations added a dynamic spatial dimension while connecting to Art Athina’s surroundings.

LOT Office and Point Supreme’s participation demonstrated Art Athina’s commitment to providing a platform for creativity across artistic fields and supporting Greek designers. Their Pavilions were among the highlights of Art Athina’s architecture and design programming.


Art Athina 2022 offered visitors the chance to discover a wide range of contemporary art perspectives through its diverse programming. The Main section provided an in-depth look at Greece’s vibrant gallery scene. Complementing this was the Highlights category, which brought acclaimed international galleries to Athens.

A particular highlight was the Feature section curated by Kate Caruso. Her selection of cutting-edge spaces introduced Art Athina audiences to new talents and trends on the global art scene. The Pavilions category was also an exciting addition, allowing visitors to experience architecture and design installations.

With its blend of local and international galleries, special projects, and interdisciplinary initiatives, Art Athina provided an expansive platform for engaging with contemporary art. Both seasoned collectors and first-time visitors had the opportunity to encounter fresh artistic voices while appreciating Greece’s role within the global arts community.

Art Athina’s 2022 edition offered inspiration, dialogue, and discoveries around every corner. Visitors who immersed themselves in the fair’s diverse programming undoubtedly came away with an expanded perspective on contemporary art today.

Encouragement to Attend Art Athina and Experience International Curatorial Expertise through Kate Caruso’s Picks

Art Athina’s 2022 edition demonstrated the fair’s reputation for showcasing excellence and innovation in contemporary art. The opportunity to experience Kate Caruso’s expert Feature section is just one of the many reasons to attend.

By visiting Art Athina, audiences have the chance to discover fresh art spaces, cutting-edge works, and emerging talents that Kate Caruso’s discerning eye has identified as the most exciting in the world today. Her Feature selections offer insider access to the pulse of what’s happening on the international art scene.

Beyond Kate Caruso’s picks, Art Athina visitors can explore the multitude of galleries, special projects, talks, and installations that make up the fair’s dynamic programming. There are countless artistic voices and perspectives to encounter.