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3D Εικονική Περιήγηση

Create a stunning 3D view of your space with our help

3D Virtual Tour is a unique experience both interactive and user-friendly, as each user has the ability to “visit” a space and explore it just as if they were there, from every possible angle. It is the ideal solution for professionals who are looking for an interactive way to promote their space.

3D virtual tours are a mixture of innovative laser scanning technology and multimedia including video, 360 video, audio, photography and 360 photography, resulting in an impressive 3D model that anyone can browse from anywhere in the world. 3D Virtual Tour allows you to walkthrough real facilities. It is the digital twin of a real space, a virtual projection that accurately captures the space we want and is accessible from any computer, mobile phone or tablet.

3D Virtual Tours is the easiest and most dynamic way to access real places not near you and is aimed at professionals who want to showcase their business in the following areas:

  • Hotels & Tourism

  • Real estate

  • Cultural sites

  • Trade & Catering

  • Architecture & Decoration

  • Real estate management companies

  • Luxury Boats

Complete your business’s marketing strategy,
including a 3D Virtual Tour in
your promotional material.

3D visualization can be a very useful tool in promoting a site, as the prospective buyer, renter, user can more accurately perceive the place they are interested in.

You can embed a 3D Virtual Tour of a space into your website and share it on social media without any additional software or plugins, whilst using VR glasses you can share it in virtual reality as well.

Give everyone a chance to interact with your space. Guide them through social media and stand out with the sincerity that characterizes the 3D Virtual Tour.