Google Street View

Invite your prospective customers to get to know your business with Google Street View.

Offer them a high-quality virtual tour that will drive them from the street to your showcase and then into your business.

With Google Street View for Business, customers can discover the inside of your business – “walking through” it while familiarizing themselves with your brand and building their trust in your name in a fun, interactive and original way.

Google Street View is a technology based on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Street View 1

What is Street View?

Google Maps Street View is a digital representation of our space on Google Maps.

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View is the evolution of online business listings where Street View technology is used to provide Virtual Tour within your business.

Integrating your business into Google My Business is the most important online listing your business can have today, providing your customers with both your Business Identity and Location.

You can embed a 3D Virtual Tour on your website and share it on Social Media without any additional software or plugins and by using VR glasses you can share it in virtual reality as well.

Who can use 3D Virtual Tours

In companies offering services directly connected to their facilities:

Hotels, Villas, Rentals and general areas of residence of all kinds, Restaurants, Cafes, Entertainment, Shopping stores, Fitness centers and generally all places where the consumer comes into direct contact with internal spaces.

Businesses that sell products:

Clothing and footwear, car shows, furniture, Super-markets where the Virtual Tour interface of the store with Google maps will differentiate it from the competition, enhance the image of the business and its online presence.

Businesses that offer services that are not directly dependent on their facilities but need clean and modern facilities to attract the public they care about:

Dentists, Physiotherapists, the Health sector in general, Schools, Exhibitions, Academies, Conservatories, Hairdressers and Spa where 3D Virtual Tour presentation can make the difference from the competition and give the customer one more reason to choose your business.