Project Description

Walkthrough at Pavilion 7 of Thessaloniki International Fair – HELEXPO TIF

The 360 Point of View team piloted the first virtual tour at stand 7 of the Thessaloniki International Fair in order to give the power of remote visits to the exhibition areas.

It is an interactive, immersive experience for visitors who can explore the entire pavilion area in a very easy and enjoyable way.

The 85th TIF, the country’s largest exhibition event, was held in physical presence at the International Exhibition Centre of Thessaloniki, in compliance with all health protocols.

An interactive yet immersive experience for online visitors where they can explore the pavilion area through the 3D Virtual Tour application.

The 360 Point of View team conducted the first virtual tour of Pavilion 7 of the Thessaloniki International Fair, in order to enable remote visits to the exhibition areas. During the virtual tour, visitors have the opportunity to explore the stand from all angles and interact with its elements. By clicking on a specific part of the stand, they were taken to the online catalogue where they could learn more about the participants, their products and services. In addition, visitors can share their experience via social media.

Helexpo Περίπτερο 7
Helexpo Περίπτερο 7 Dollhouse

It is a state-of-the-art service that opens up new possibilities in the management of exhibition spaces and remote access. With this service, exhibitors can reach a global audience with their product, attract more visitors and increase their sales revenue.

This new digital service aims to offer remote access to exhibition spaces and promote innovative products and services.

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The virtual tour service is also available for other exhibitions and special events,